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What is Emergent Quantum Mechanics (EQM)?

In all surface phenomena studied, ranging from atom localization, adsorbate diffusion, imaging of clean and adsorbate covered surfaces in the scanning tunnelling microscope, long range forces on metal surfaces in the atomic force microscopy, current-induced surface reactions,''mirrages'' in the STM, etc. the necessary condition is the transient localization of an electrical charge or an atom or molecule. In EQM the solution of Schroedinger's equation in high spacetime dimensions provides the chooser mechanism for localization of quantum particles based on the entanglement with gravonons. The conditions for the chooser mechanism is weak and local interaction of the quantum particle with a continuum of high density of states, which are warranted by the continuum of gravitons and their local version the gravonons.

The phenomenology of Copenhagen quantum mechanics is obtained without the need of introducing the process of collapse and a probabilistic interpretation of the wave function. Operators defining observables need not be introduced. All experimental findings are explained in a deterministic way as a consequence of the time development of the wave function in configuration space according to Schroedinger's equation without the need of introducing a probabilistic interpretation.